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Oh noes! [2/12/08 @ 2:56 am]
This journal is now closed!

All the links will still work... and anything current has been moved over to


A joint project of xenylamine and mihakken!

You need to join to see the entries!

See you there!
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Sharing; the GazettE + m-flo [2/12/08 @ 1:28 am]
[ mood | sick ]

Just downloaded these, so I had to share them! The GazettE's new single Guren (320 kbs) and m-flo's new favorites album, Award SuperNova -Loves Best- (VBR), both of which were -just released-.

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Sharing; T.M.Revolution [2/11/08 @ 8:28 pm]
[ mood | excited ]

In honor of Takanori's visit to New York City and his upcoming live on April 19th (oh hell yes, I'm going to that!), I'm sharing his most recent release as T.M.R, the compilation album, 1000000000000. :3 It's kind of like a greatest hits album, and it has a lot of terrific stuff on it! Download, listen, and prepare yourself for the live!

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Sharing; WaT, Kagerou, Super Junior, Pashya, Girugamesh [1/19/08 @ 11:08 am]
[ mood | awake ]

I thought I would share some random... or not so random... music... just so I can freaking keep up with this journal. I feel like it keeps falling by the wayside, but I love music too much to let that happen! Ugh, should have made it a community. XD Anyway... I'm sharing WaT's WaT Collection, Kagerou's XII Dizzy single, Super Junior's first album, Pashya's final album, and the newest release from Girugamesh! Woohoo!

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Sharing; Alice nine. ~ Mongol800 ~ NEWS [12/3/07 @ 7:26 pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I am finally updating! And with actual albums this time instead of an FST. Aren't you proud? Actually, I've uploaded various things for friends, and I thought that I should really upload them for everyone here, so... here they are. I have Alice nine.'s new album Alpha, as well as Mongol800's album Message and Pacific from NEWS! These are all great, and I encourage everyone to download.

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