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FST; Alien Loves Predator

Alien Loves Predator (a/k/a/ aLp) is a webcomic written by Bernie Hou that spoofs Alien vs. Predator. Reversing the adversarial relationship depicted in Alien vs. Predator, aLp presents an Alien (named Abe) and a Predator (named Preston) as friends and roommates in current-day New York City. The artwork of ALP is composed by juxtaposing photos of real-life action figures into backgrounds also primarily generated from photos. This style has alternately been called photocollage, photocomics or fumetti. A reviewer has stated that ALP "sets the bar for this art style."

Okay, I stole that from Wikipedia, but that's it in a nutshell. You can read the comic at the website or on Bernie's journal... bernieh. Bernie is awesome, and this is seriously the most hilarious webcomic I've ever read. Ahem. Oh, and Bernie gets extra points for having attended the same university that I attended, not like anyone will care. :D

I swear to god, I tried to cut this down... keep in mind I had about 90 tracks in the beginning. XD A special thanks to infinitefirefly for helping me stop freaking out over the length. ♥

And no, I didn't put any MC Oral B on this FST...

#01 "New York, New York" by Reel Big Fish

If I can make it there
I'll make it anywhere
It's up to you, New York, New York.

I picked this track as a kind of introduction. How on earth did these two end up in New York City? Well, if you've ever been there... you'd know what types of beings the City attracts. :D

#02 "Hello New York" by Silverhead

Yeah, yeah, another song about New York... but the damned comic is set in New York. This one kind of sets the stage a bit better than the last. >)

#03 "Action Figure Party" by Action Figure Party

This is referring to the photocollage... Abe and Preston being action figures. Shh, don't tell them that, though.

#04 "Alien" by Pennywise

Everyday convince myself of everything I can and can't believe
Abused, confused

Abe is the Xenomorph... and... he has a little problem with grounding himself in reality.

#05 "Stupid MF" by Mindless Self Indulgence

They think you're dumb.
I think you're smart.
No, wait, I lied. I think you're dumb.

Abe is pretty dumb, and Preston puts up with him for SOME reason.

#06 "Girls of Porn" by Mr. Bungle

The urge is too much to take
All I can think about is playing with myself
It's time to masturbate
I've got my Hustler and I don't need nothin' else

Abe is very attached to his pr0n... and he thinks about sex constantly.

#07 "Predator" by Wolfpack

Search in the dark
Got you in sight.

Preston is the Yautja... and... well, yeah. He still has his cloaking device thing! It comes in handy when he's stalking...

#08 "Nearsighted" by Rupert Holmes

If you take these glasses from my face
I think that you will find
I'm undeniably, certifiably, just a shade of blind.

Preston is extraordinarily nearsighted... and he wears glasses.

#09 "Overworld" - Super Mario Bros

They play a lot of videogames.

#10 "Roommate From Hell" by MC Lars Horris

He was the roommate from Hell, his name is Lucifer
Someone call a priest, and bring the crucifer

Abe is pretty much the roommate from Hell. He has cut off Preston's arm, set fire to his room, and gotten him into all other kinds of trouble.

#11 "Your Racist Friend" by They Might Be Giants

My head can't tolerate this bobbing and pretending
Listen to some bullet-head and the madness that he's saying

The strip is full of non-sequitur and faux-racist comments (like anti-alien sentiments from Abe).

#12 "Eliza" by Phish

Abe has a poster of Eliza Dushku in his room... his 'therapist.' ELIZA is the name of a therapeutic computer program... and the poster talks like it.

#13 "Mother" by Danzig

Abe has a love-hate relationship with his mother.

#14 "Double Trouble" by Rough Cutt

Abe also has a love-hate relationship with his little brothers Boris and Zeev, who stay with him and Preston from time to time. Preston doesn't particuarly like Boris and Zeev.

#15 "I Want Chinese Food" by the Drunken Cholos

Abe and Preston practically LIVE on Chinese food. It helps that the Chinese food delivery guy typically shows up with their order before they hang up the phone. Now that's service!

#16 "Girls" by the Beastie Boys

Girls - all I really want is girls
And in the morning it's girls
Cause in the evening it's girls

Abe is a little girl crazy.

#17 "I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks" by the Bloodhound Gang

I just wish I was queer so I could get chicks
Chicks dig guys that are
Queer guys that don't dig
Chicks that don't dig guys like me
See I'm not queer I'm too ugly

Abe is definitely too ugly to get chicks... but he might stop just short of wishing he were gay.

#18 "Date Rape" by Sublime

If it wasn't for date rape I'd never get laid.

Actually, I don't think Abe has ever gotten laid (and he wouldn't rape anyone, anyway). He's tried a ton of dating services... but it's too much trouble. He would prefer 'Ready Set Fuck,' except it's too many steps.

#19 "New York Girls" by Morningwood

In your tight black jeans
And my high heeled shoes
God, I think you're hot
I got to get with you

New York girls tend to live in New York.

#20 "Barbie Girl" by MXPX

I'm a Barbie girl in the Barbie world
Life in plastic, it's fantastic
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation

The girls at the speed dating sessions (etc) are all Barbies. Abe can't get them to give him a second look, even with Beer Goggles. Dating sites don't work, either.

#21 "Subway Train" by the New York Dolls

I think a see the train
I see ya got open track

Abe and Preston spend a lot of time on the subway, and waiting for the subway.

#22 "Taxi Driver" by Hanoi Rocks

I'll be a taxi driver for you, honey, Take you anywhere you want to

They also spend a lot of time in taxis. Taxi drivers are effing scary.

#23 "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" by Bruce Springstone (haha, yes, this is THAT.)

Abe and Preston are baseballs fans. Well, if you live in NYC, you kind of have to be. To be specific, Abe and Preston are YANKEES fans. Pwnage.

#24 "Jesus Christ Superstar" by Murray Head

Jesus Christ plays for the Yankees. Jesus Christ also becomes Abe and Preston's roommate for a summer, as a subletter. Pretty cool, knowing Jesus, huh?

#25 "Meet the Mets" by Yo La Tengo

Yeah, that OTHER franchise. ¬.¬

#26 "Girl With the Glasses" by Greg Oblivian and the Tip-Tops

I felt there was something in between you and me...

Preston meets a girl named Corinna at the eye doctor... and... she also has glasses. He develops a crush on her.

#27 "First Date" by Blink 182

When you smile, I melt inside
I'm not worthy for a minute of your time

And they go out on a date. One date. And then Preston finds out Corinna is a METS fan.

#28 "Inertiatic ESP" by the Mars Volta

it's been said
long time ago
you'll be the first and last to know

Corinna is a psychic with a blurry third eye.

Later, she ends up moving in with Abe and Preston after Jesus moves out...

#29 "Bill Clinton Sex Field" by Wat Tyler

Bill Clinton interjects himself into Preston's pseudo-lovelife, and takes Corinna out on a date....

#30 "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" by William Hung

...but they don't sleep together. Shocking!

William Hung also appears in this comic... as a 'Chinese character' that Abe gets tattooed onto his arm. The tattoo talks, and wants to eat Abe's liver. Ha!

Bonus Tracks:

B01 "Mr. Chinese Food Delivery Guy" by Bud Light

An ode to the super-fast Chinese food delivery guy, who has a time machine, apparently.

B02 "What If God Was One of Us?" by Joan Osborne

Jesus really doesn't appreciate the poor grammar in this song.

B03 "Rosanna" by Toto

No, Jesus' middle name is not 'Hosanna,' Abe.

B04 "Casual Knight" by Abe Vigoda

Just... don't type 'Abe Vigoda' into the Celebrity Nude Database.

B05 "Jesus Christ Superstar (Live)" by Tenacious D

Another version of this classic song. Well, Jesus is a recurring character (haha recurring... *cough*).

B06 "I Whip It Out" by (a) Bill Clinton (Impersonator)

This is... fairly self-explanatory. Bill Clinton saves the day later, though, getting Preston out of jail. Poor Preston is just a Predator, not a child predator.

B07 "Hey Ya (Remix)" by William Hung

More William Hung! This is a very disturbing track.

Are you still with me? GOOD! :D

Download the full FST; [ZIP]

(This is a permanent link; I will not delete this file from my server.)

If you download, please comment to this post to let me know!

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